Is your crazy busy life filling you up?

(Or weighing you down?)

Who would you be if you stripped away all the "busy"?

Work deadlines. Commutes. Errands. Favors for friends. Visits to family. PTA meetings. Meal prep. Party planning. Date nights. Doctors’ appointments. And laundry. Ugh, the laundry….  

It doesn't matter what your to-do list looks like. It doesn't matter who's counting on you. 

You’re a gal who knows how to GET THINGS DONE. 

But you also: 

  • Feel utterly wiped out. ALL. THE. TIME.  
  • Say yes to too many things...and then feel resentful later.  
  • Know you should make time to work out or start going to bed earlier, but it feels like there are just too many other things demanding your attention. Because if you don’t do it, who will?  
  • Genuinely want to give more of yourself to others, but then when you have a fleeting quiet moment alone, you realize you have nothing left to give

You’ve tried therapy.  

You’ve read the self-help books.  

You’ve listened to the podcasts.  

Tried working with a personal trainer or a life coach.  

(And don't even start with those 30-day crash diets!)

But you still struggle to prioritize self-care.  

At this point, New Year's resolutions have become a joke. You're tired of the self-punishment.

It’s not like you don’t know what to do. It just feels like you can’t give yourself permission to do it. And, even if you did, where in the world would you even start? It's too overwhelming.

You try to feel that connection and understanding you’re so hungry for with the other women in your life, but they either are just as busy as you are and can’t give the time or they just want you to stay the same person you’ve always been.  

But you don’t want to stay the same as you’ve always been. You’re ready for more. 

Not more stuff on your to-do list. More of what feeds your soul.  

But you feel like you’re easily knocked down by the little bumps in the road.  

Sometimes you snap at your partner or kids for something that has nothing to do with them (and then feel guilty immediately!). Or buckle under the pressure and order greasy takeout for the third time this week, while your farmer's market greens wilt in the fridge.  

You begin to dread even going into work. Or coming home. It feels like there isn't much escape.  

You wish it was easier to just dust yourself off and keep going. Why does it seem easier for everyone else?  


You feel like something is missing, but you’re not totally sure what. All you know is you’re ready to make a change so that you can feel filled up and energized by your life again.

What if you gave yourself the same level of care that you give to everyone else?

What if you:  

  • Stopped simply reacting and started living with intention? 
  • Got quiet and asked yourself, "What do I want my life to be?"
  • Stopped doing what everyone else is doing or striving for what everyone else has?  
  • Got really clear on how you want to feel? What you want to have? What you want your life to look like?  
  • Gave yourself permission to slow down just a little?
  • Allowed yourself the time and space for the answers to these questions to surface? 
  • Relinquished the thought that change has to be dramatic or all-or-nothing in order to make a real difference?  

The secret to creating revolutionary change in your life is in making small, consistent changes every single day. But first, we have to know what we want.  

We need to give ourselves space to hear ourselves.  

We need to learn how to pay attention to how our physical bodies communicate our inner needs and desires to us, to gain access to the wisdom our cognitive minds can't always dream up. (An asset we're all born with that we've been programmed to ignore!)  

We need accountability and encouragement from those who truly wish to see us thrive and don't require us to stay small for their comfort.  

We need time, patience, and above all self-compassion to make the small, lasting changes that will lead us to the living the lives we were meant for.  

What we dream of is within reach. Reach made easier with a plan, a guide, and accountability to make small, consistent changes every single day. 


A monthly membership for women of ALL ages and stages that combines education, self-care & community in a sustainable, compassionate, progress-oriented format, so you can create an abundant life you love living every single day.

Designed & hosted by Catherine O'Brien, LMFT, founder of Happy With Baby, this is a monthly membership for ALL women at every age and stage. 

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What happens when you join?

You get a sustainable support system that works in a format that fits into your busy life. 

This framework uses a combination of monthly in-person meetings in Sacramento, CA, practices to work on in between meetings, and plenty of email support along the way to help you implement those small changes that will have huge impact on your life.

Each month, we’ll begin to dial back into our true selves by asking ourselves the right questions.

The structure is organized around monthly themes, which we use to learn new skills we can immediately begin incorporating into our daily lives.  

Skills like: 

  • Ways to help calm your nervous system's flight, fight, or freeze responses
  • Using your senses to ground into the present moment
  • Ways to effectively communicate your personal boundaries
  • Techniques and routines for getting the most restorative rest possible
  • How you can use joyful movement and play for self-discovery.

You'll do this in a supportive environment with other women who are craving authentic connections and are interested in doing the same inner work as you are. Together we learn to have more self-compassion, to be more fully present for ourselves and others.

You'll be gently guided through the process to explore what you need, what you want and what you value, so that you can live a life you love.  


There's nothing more powerful than human connection. That's why we make it a priority to meet in person every month. And with meetings only taking place once a month, they won't feel like just another chore on your list.


In between meetings, you'll get monthly recaps, homework, check-ins, and reminders straight to your inbox.


With Glennon Doyle's "horseshoe" concept in mind, you'll enter a safe & nurturing space for ALL women of any age and stage.


You'll get just enough science and perspective behind each monthly theme to understand how the hormones & limbic system and other physical body systems affect your health, moods, thoughts and relationships, with plenty of time for reflection, discussion, & technique implementation.


Your self inquiry leads the way. This membership is designed to ensure that your needs are met at every step, including optional 30-minute one-on-one check-in sessions may be included in your monthly package or added on as needed at any time.


Every meeting starts with an accountability check-in to see how you're doing with implementing the techniques you're learning and to discuss what you're discovering.


You can join, upgrade, or cancel your membership at any time. This membership is designed to meet you where you're at. Need to miss a meeting? No problem. You'll still be kept in the loop.


This membership is NOT intended to be yet another thing on your to-do list. Meetings are a mini-retreat from your daily grind and homework instills consistent, sustainable self-care habits.

Monthly themes are the stepping stones toward the stress-free life you want.

 The Calm Collective curriculum is designed to start with building heathy habits and mindset, and then build and layer new skills that get you closer to your goals. Each theme takes the guesswork out of where to start and what to do next.  

Themes Include:

SMALL SHIFTS: Graces & Permissions

LIMBIC CALMING: Establishing a Calm Mind

BODY WISDOM: Pathways to Presence

MASTERING MENTAL TRIGGERS: Alter Your Limbic Responses Through Thought 

CLEARING HORMONE CONFUSION: What You Need to Know to Regain Control 

RESTORATIVE REST: Shifting the Nervous System to "Rest & Digest"  

JOYFUL MOVEMENT: Making Room for Feeling Good

ANCHORED QUIET: Cultivating a Strong Inner Signal

INNER CIRCLE: Connection & Flow in Relationships

INTIMACY & EXPECTATIONS: Finding Our Fullest Expressions

PURPOSE & IDENTITY: Exploring Your Unique Purpose Hierarchy

BOUNDARIES, BREACHES & DRAINS: Repairing Energy Leaks & the Myths of Generosity

Hi, I'm Catherine O'Brien.

I'll be your host on this self-care journey. I’m here to make sure you’re well taken care of.  

I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist, founder of Happy With Baby in Sacramento, CA, and busy wife and mom of two.  

I understand the pressures our busy, productivity- and achievement-oriented culture puts on ALL women at every age and stage of life.  

I think we all long for acceptance, connection, and fulfillment in our lives, and I’d venture to guess that we could all stand to slow down just a little.  

I know the struggle first-hand.  

As a "type A" personality, who is also sensitive and introverted, managing the highest highs and lowest lows of both parenthood and family life alongside my therapy practice and entrepreneurship....Well, let's just say it's a tall order!  

The pressure I've put on myself, the negative self-talk, and the expectations of others in my life - it's all TOO real.  

I've created the Calm Collective from a place of compassion for women who are struggling because I know how it feels and because I talk with women everyday who are grappling with the same struggles.  

In today's fast-paced world, we all have access to all the information we could possibly want. I’m not interested in giving you lots of data for you to file away on your desk that is likely already overflowing with stuff.  

But I do want to give you a deeper understanding of the most important aspects about our bodies and how they work, so that you can start to proactively support your best health.  

When we understand what our bodies are telling us, we can better meet our own needs.  

We all know that if we wait on someone to give us permission to nurture ourselves, we'll be waiting forever. 

I'm on a mission to ensure women like you to care for yourself like you care for your family, your friends, your career, and your community.

Ready to shed the stress & step into the calm?

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Imagine what's possible.

Picture you a year from now. 

You're master of your emotions. You don't even break a sweat anymore when work deadlines get shuffled around or your child comes home from daycare with a fever. You know you've got this. 

You can pivot with the best of them because you know how to breathe through it. You know how your body communicates stress to you and you know how to shift you inner dialogue. You know how to tap into a clear mind and hear your truths.

You no longer feel trapped by your calendar because you're the boss of your time. You have the satisfaction of knowing your schedule is ready to shift at a moment's notice. You designed it that way. Because you no longer say yes to things you don't want to. You have "white space" in your calendar for whatever springs up. 

You know the people in your life who really have your best interests at heart - and they respect your boundaries. You've built a circle of support around you that you can count on in a crisis. A tribe who can lift you up when you're having a down moment. 

You know how to be in the present moment and feel more satisfaction in everything you do. You make room for joy, gratitude and playfulness everyday. And when you slip up, you don't beat yourself up. You've learned to love yourself through it.

The Calm Collective helps you get there. The successes though? They're all your own.

Love notes from past workshop attendees:

"Many thanks to Catherine O'Brien, MA, LMFT from Happy With Baby for sharing your time and talents...The techniques we learned this evening will be extremely beneficial. All of our moms loved the presentation!"

- Single Moms Strong, Inc.

from "Finding Your Calm as a Mom" empowerment workshop

"Amazing information from someone who knows what us mommas go throughand struggle to balance daily!! Thank you!!"

- Zoraya R.

from "Finding Your Calm as a Mom" empowerment workshop

"Really awesome!!! Thank you!"

- Megan G.

from "Finding Your Calm as a Mom" empowerment workshop

"This was such great workshop! Thank you Catherine! I really feel like I can use this!"

- Lindsey R.

from "Finding Your Calm as a Mom" empowerment workshop


Q. Is the Calm Collective just for moms? 

NOPE! It’s true that a lot of my work focuses on moms, but this is open to all women of any age and stage. Moms with older kids, little babies, women yearning for children, women choosing to be child-free, and anything in between. 

This is a space that will be held for ALL WOMEN to be supported and accepted regardless of their choices or circumstances. Whatever it is you're searching for in this life (even if you're not sure what you're searching for yet!), this collective is meant to support you in feeling more of the feelings you long for.  

Q. I don't know if I can justify spending money on this right now. Why do I need this? 

 I find that we prioritize the things that really matter to us. How much does your health and happiness matter to you?  

Many well-intentioned people have encouraged me to charge more for this group because of the value this group provides, but I’ve intentionally kept this group as affordable as possible. Because as I see it, the money is only worth spending if you make lasting change. And you can’t make lasting change if you can’t afford to keep coming back month after month. 

That said, there really are times in our lives when something really can't be prioritized financially, and if that's the case for you, I understand. I'm keeping this membership enrollment open for the full year, so you can join when the time is right. Or, you can always try a drop-in pass instead during times when it works out for you.  

Q. I don't have a sitter. Can I bring my baby with me? 

No, unfortunately. But, I get it. I’m a mom too. The struggle to find good, reliable, affordable childcare can be a real barrier for us women trying to get ahead or simply take care of ourselves.  

The reason why I don’t allow babies or children at meetings is because the meetings aren’t just about learning new material. It’s also your self-care time. If you know anything about me at all, you know how strongly I believe in self-care for women. It’s imperative and sacred. I want the collective to feel like a sanctuary for you.  

I also don’t want childcare to be the one barrier blocking you from joining us. So, if this is the one thing standing in your way, contact us at and let’s see if we can troubleshoot the problem together. 

Even if you can’t find a sitter for every single meeting, It's still worth joining. If you miss a meeting, I’ll always keep you up to speed on what you missed and what you can do from home.  

Q. What if I have to miss a meeting? 

I highly suggest you come to each collective meeting, but I know that life happens and that's not always possible. That is absolutely ok. Each month, the topics will support one another. It's all interconnected. I also send out a monthly recap email after each meeting, along with supporting detail and things to work on in between meetings. You'll also get a reminder email before each meeting with info about the upcoming theme. In other words, you'll be able to jump right back in when you're ready.  

Q. What is the homework like? How much time will I be expected to commit to it each month? 

The homework definitely won't be your typical "sit down and write up a response to XYZ". Of course, you're welcome to journal about what you're experiencing--I encourage that. But, that's not what your assignments from me will be like. 

Instead, it will be more like little things you can incorporate into your day. Small mindful practices you can often incorporate into the things you're already doing. For this reason, it's a little hard to quantify how much time commitment your homework will take. I'd say 15-30 minutes each month, give or take.

I also want to make it clear that any work you do for this collective is really work you're doing for yourself. So devotion is important, but so is self-compassion. There will be months when you simply can't prioritize as much time or energy to the exercises I assign and that's OK. It's about progress, not perfection.

Q. How do I know this will work for me?

The only 100% certain way to know is to try it out for a minimum of three months, put forth some honest effort (“Perfect” is NOT required!), and give yourself time to internalize and integrate what you’re learning.  

That said, this membership is designed with making real progress in mind. But if it turns out that this membership isn’t for you, you’re not locked in. After the initial three months, you can cancel your membership at any time. 

I'm so certain you'll love it though. And that's why I also offer a one-month drop-in trial with zero commitment! During that time you'll get all the educational materials and email support for one full month to try out the experience. If you love what you learn, the community you're welcomed into, and decide you want more calm in your life, I'll apply your drop-in rate toward your first subscription payment.  

But, no pressure! I've made this option totally stress-free. Because if you're satisfied with the gains you've made after one month and wish to leave it at that, there's no subscription to cancel and the content you receive is yours to keep.  

Ready to shed the stress & step into the calm?

The Calm Collective is currently NOT open for enrollment.

Click the button below to get on the waitlist and get first priority to join when doors re-open.

See you there?