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Maternal Mental Health Awareness FREE Resource Pack

Full of interviews, information, graphics and resources from May Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month 2017, created just for you--to inform yourself, your partner, and your community about not just Maternal Mental Health, but the diverse everyday experiences of moms just like you.

PLUS, get info on how you can be a contributor for future Momma Interviews and guest blogs!

In This FREE Resource Pack, You'll Get:

All-Access to Interview Videos

You'll have an All-Access Pass to all 9 Expert Momma Interviews, so you can watch or listen whenever you want as often as you want.

Quick-Guide & Worksheets

Get my Quick-Guide about What Every Parent Needs to Know about Postpartum Depression, plus my Postpartum Plan worksheets.

Transcripts, Bios & Media Files

Get ALL media files including interview transcripts, directory of experts, and all 50 shareable social media graphics.

May 2017 might be over, but Maternal Mental Health Awareness is important all year long. You can help by informing yourself and spreading the word. This FREE Resource Pack can help you do it. 

Want to be a contributor for a future MMHA Month? You can do that too. Just go to and click 'Participate'.